Corporate Social Responsibility

HTM willingly contributes to a sustainable, viable and achievable society. Public transport is a safe and responsible way of travelling, with relatively slight environmental impact and only a little space required for each passenger.

But HTM does more. It believes that it is important for its suppliers to also contribute to a sustainable society, so it has signed the Socially Responsible Market Behaviour code of the AWVN (Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers) and the Socially Responsible Purchasing and Business Practice of the Dutch Association for Purchasing Management (NEVI). HTM’s purchasing policy has the following basic principles:


  • HTM complies with the legislation and regulations of the Dutch Association for Purchasing Management (NEVI)
  • Suppliers comply with HTM’s tendering regulations and purchasing terms and conditions (application of the grounds for exclusion to tenders).

Sustainability on the basis of balancing applicability, capabilities and financial feasibility:

  • HTM takes the environmental aspects into consideration when purchasing.
  • Market and product analysis: capabilities in the field of sustainability
  • Tendering documents: include possible sustainability criteria
  • Fully-digital purchasing and tendering processes.

Purchasing takes place in a socially-responsible way:

  • Working conditions: no products, services or work that are or have been produced under unacceptable working conditions (such as child or forced labour, employee discrimination, not paying a living wage)
  • Social Return, if suitable and possible, where people with a disadvantage to the employment market are employed to carry out the contract or part of it.


  • HTM encourages innovative purchasing (and tendering) where possible. It looks for an innovative solution and/or the supplier may offer as an alternative an innovative solution or a further development of an existing product.