Haga Shuttle

As one of the first large cities in the Netherlands, The Hague has a self-driving minibus since 2019: the HagaShuttle. As an addition to public transport, visitors and patients of the HagaZiekenhuis can travel the last few hundred metres from the tram and bus stop on the Leyweg to the hospital entrance free of charge. 

The HagaShuttle is a major step in the development of automated transport, which has been made possible by a subsidy from the Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam and The Hague. It is a self-driving minibus from by the French manufacturer NAVYA. It runs completely independently on the route between the tram and bus stop and the entrance to the HagaZiekenhuis. 

In the next four years we want gain experience for the further development and realisation of ‘last mile’ solutions with self-driving minibuses in the Netherlands.Tests were carried out and stewards were trained in order to get the HagaShuttle running safely. The tests were successful and the HagaShuttle was brought into operation. 

Click here for the transport terms and conditions of the HagaShuttle (only available in Dutch).