14 October 2020

HTM wants to offer its passengers reliable services

HTM wants to offer its passengers reliable services. Like the rest of the Netherlands, HTM is feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic more and more. The company is therefore modifying the timetable for RandstadRail and its buses. There are no changes for all the other tram routes. The measures announced by the government do not have any further effects on the timetable.

The most important changes to the buses from 19 October
All extra buses that we put on during the rush hours are not running and rush-hour service number 29 is not running. Most bus routes will be less frequent during the day. Buses that run on natural gas are being used for bus route 28 instead of electric buses.

The most important changes for RandstadRail from 22 October
Trams 3 and 4 both still run six times an hour. Tram 34, which runs between De Savornin Lohmanlaan and Lansingerland Zoetermeer, is not running.