Welcome back to bus and tram!

Public transport in the Hague region is running for everyone again. That means you're more than welcome on our trams and buses for a day out. Everyone aged 13 and over must wear a face mask on public transport.

HTM has been running the full service since 1 June. The 6 night buses that normally run from the centre to the suburbs on Friday and Saturday nights will not run until at least 1 September.

We can only travel safely together if everyone sticks to what has been agreed; we hope that you will help us do this.

  • Wash your hands before and after the journey, and do not travel if you have cold or flu symptoms. 
  • We constantly clean our trams and buses thoroughly, including the stop/door buttons and rails.
  • Although seats are available on our buses and trams, please give everyone space even if you have to stand. 
  • Avoid travelling during rush hour if possible.
  • Everyone aged 13 and over must wear a face mask on public transport; visit here for frequently asked questions about using face masks
  • Put on the face mask before you get on; we recommend you also wear the face mask at stops and stations
  • Use the stop button when you want to get off
  • A yellow/black line has been introduced at busy stops; wait behind this line until the passengers have got off 
  • Leave room for passengers to get off first  
  • Keep 4 steps away from each other on stairs and escalators 
  • There is space for 2 people in the lifts to platforms 
  • Be friendly to fellow passengers and HTM Staff