Welcome on board! Great to see you again!

Earlier this year, our buses and trams were temporarily reserved for healthcare personnel and other vital professions. Now everyone is welcome again. We are happy to see that we are welcoming more people back every day. Because the great majority of passengers keep to the rules properly, travelling with HTM is again responsible for everyone. 
Are you already back on board with us, or are you about to make your first trip on the bus or tram? Welcome on board! We are all ready.
With over 2000 HTM personnel, we are working day and night to make a responsible journey possible. Our buses and trams are cleaned more often, we are ensuring the best possible distribution of passengers and we are helping everyone to take the right measures. Passengers can care for each other by wearing a face mask, avoiding busy times and following the instructions of HTM staff. We make this journey together.
More questions about travelling with Corona measures? Check for the question and answer below, or ask your question here.


Questions and answers

  • When is the best time to travel?

    • You can travel at any time of day, but avoid busy times. Read more about our unique timetable.
    • Agreements have been made with the schools to travel to school at different times so that the bus and tram do not get too busy.
    • If it is busy, take the next tram or bus.
  • How do I buy a ticket?

    • You can buy a ticket from the machine on the tram.
    • On the bus, you cannot buy a ticket because you board through the rear doors of the bus. Travel on the bus with a public transport (OV) smartcard or buy a ticket in the HTM app.
    • Set your smartcard to top up automatically so you always have enough credit.
  • What are the rules about face masks?

    • Everyone aged 13 and over must wear a face mask on a bus or tram. Visit the FAQ on the use of face masks. (add link)
    • Put the face mask on over your nose and mouth before you get on; we recommend you also wear the face mask at stops and stations.
    • HTM addresses passengers about the use of the face mask, so also when it is not worn correctly.
    • No face mask with you? All HTM Service Points sell face masks at €2 for a set of two.
  • Are the trams and buses clean?

    • HTM cleans the trams and buses more often.
    • Contact points like rails and buttons get extra attention.
  • What are the rules at stops and on platforms?

    • At stops, let people get off first, and maintain your distance when waiting for the tram or bus.
    • There is space for at most two people in the lifts to platforms. 
    • Keep four steps away from each other on stairs and escalators. 
    • A black/yellow line has been applied at busy stops to give space to passengers getting off. Wait behind this line until people have got off.
  • What else can you do to help?

    • If it is busy, take the next tram or bus.
    • Wash your hands before and after the journey, and stay at home if you have cold symptoms or a fever. 
    • Use the stop button when you want to get off; this makes the doors open automatically. Trams 3 and 4 stop at every stop; you do not have to press the stop button.
    • Be friendly to fellow passengers and HTM staff.
    • Follow instructions from HTM staff.