Prinsjesdag detour 20 and 21 September

Prinsjesdag detour on 20 and 21 September

Prinsjesdag detour on 20 and 21 September

On Tuesday 21 September we celebrate the State Opening of the Parliament. Just like last year, the Speech from the Throne will be read in the Grote Kerk. Due to the preparations for this day, tram 16 will run a diversion route all day on Monday 20 September and on Tuesday 21 September until 6 p.m.

Tram 16 partly detours via the route of tram 1 and is not stopping at the following stops: Gravenstraat, Noordwal, Elandstraat, Van Speijkstraat, Waldeck Pyrmontkade, Groot Hertoginnelaan en Kunstmuseum/Museon

Look here for the map with the detour route of tram 16.

Travel advice:

• For Gravenstraat and Noordwal: use tram 3 (stop Grote Markstraat in the Tramtunnel)

• For Elandstraat: use tram 3 (stop Elandstraat)

• For Van Speijkstraat and Waldeck Pyrmontkade: use tram 3 (stop Van Speijkstraat) or bus 24 (stop Laan van Meerdervoort)

• For Kunstmuseum/Museon and Groot Hertoginnelaan: use bus 24 (stop Kunstmuseum/Museon and Groot Hertoginnelaan)

A celebration without an audience

The State Opening of the Parliament is also this year without an audience because of the corona virus. There is also no traditional tour for that reason. The municipality of The Hague calls on people to follow the celebration on television.