HTM 3-Day Ticket

An ‘ HTM 3-Day The Hague Travelcard' lets you travel for three days on HTM trams and buses. With the ticket you receive handy information about travelling to the main sights in The Hague, Delft, Zoetermeer and Scheveningen. The HTM 3-Day Ticket costs € 18 per person and is valid from the first check-in to the end of the 3rd day.

Where to buy one

  • From HTM Service Points
  • At VVV Den Haag (in the Stadhuis in the centre of The Hague) and VVV Delft (Kerkstraat 3 in Delft)
  • At various hotels, only for their guests: overview of hotels

How to use it

The HTM 3-Day Ticket is a separate disposable smart card. You have to check in and out with it on each tram and bus, just like with an ordinary OV-chipkaart.  

It’s Friday or Saturday night and you want to go home, but the last bus or tram has left? Then use one of the six HTM bus lines. Check in and out with your OV-Chipkaart, buy a separate ticket from the bus driver (with a bank card (Dutch or most European cards) or a credit card (Visa, Mastercard)), or buy a ticket using the HTM Ticket app.  A ticket for the night bus costs € 5 per person.

Do you want to change to another night bus? The ask the bus driver for a Transfer Ticket. Show the ticket to the driver when you get on the next bus on the same night. Don't check in again with your OV-Chipkaart, because you would then pay another € 5.