The Tourist Day Ticket is a ticket for one day, with which you can travel on all the trams, buses, metros and water buses in the province of Zuid-Holland. A Tourist Day Ticket costs €13.50.

Zuid-Holland has excellent public transport. The historical centres of Delft, Dordrecht, Leiden en Gouda, the beaches of the North Sea coast and top attractions such as Keukenhof and Kinderdijk are also easy to get to. Go there by public transport and be surprised!

Validity of a Tourist Day Ticket

The Tourist Day Ticket is valid for travel on RET, HTM, Arriva, Connexxion, EBS, Qbuzz and Waterbus in Zuid-Holland. 

It is not valid for travel on NS trains, the RET Fast Ferry, the Driehoeksveer ferry, Connexxion local buses, public transport taxis, bus 484 Connexxion Haaglanden, HTM The Hague Night Bus, Arriva Night Bus or the RET BOB-bus Rotterdam.

How to use it

With a Tourist Day Ticket 3 you have to check in and out at the card reader in a tram or bus or at a gate, and when you transfer to another public transport company or another means of transport.

Where to buy one

Product terms and conditions