Stop button

Press the stop button if you want to get off. The word ‘stop’ appears on the display screen next to the name of the next stop. The tram driver will stop there. The nearest door opens automatically when the stop button is pushed.

Ticket machines

You can buy a ticket from the ticket machines in the new trams. Pay using coins or a bank card (Dutch or most European cards) or a credit card (Visa, Mastercard). You can buy a maximum of 5 tickets at the same time.


The entrance for passengers with a rollator or a buggy is the 2nd or 4th door. Passengers can sit on the fold-down seats and keep the rollator or a buggy in front of them.

Place for a passenger with a wheelchair

The entrance for passengers in a wheelchair or mobility scooter is at the middle of the tram, by the third door. The space for a passenger in a wheelchair or mobility scooter is opposite the door. Position the wheelchair or mobility scooter with its back against the vertical board, facing away from the direction of travel. There is a safety belt there.

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No bicycles

Bicycles may not be taken on Avenio trams.