Stop button

Press the stop button if you want to get off. The word ‘stop’ appears on the display screen next to the name of the next stop. The tram driver will stop there.

Ticket machines

You can buy a ticket from the ticket machines in the red and beige trams. You can pay with cash (coins only), a bank card (Dutch or most European cards) or a credit card (Visa, Mastercard).

Rollators, buggies

Red and beige trams have room for a maximum of 2 rollators or buggies at the indicated locations (which you can recognise by the stickers). These locations are near the middle of the tram.


Passengers with a rollator have priority

Every red and beige tram has as number of seats that are reserved for the disabled, the elderly and pregnant women. These seats are clearly indicated by a sticker. They are at the front of the tram, close behind the driver.