A valid travel ticket is required. Passengers with an OV-chipkaart are required to check in with HTM at the start of their journey and to check out at the end of it by holding their card up to the OV-chipkaart reader. Passengers are required to show proof of identity if an inspector asks for it.

Camera monitoring

Some stops, HTM trams and buses are equipped with cameras. These can always be recognised by the sticker with a camera symbol. The images are recorded. The driver has no access to the recording equipment. What we do with the camera images is shown in the Privacy Statement

Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited

We like to keep the trams and buses clean, so please put food and drink in a bag. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited on all trams and buses. This applies at some stops as well (such as in the Tram Tunnel). This ban also applies to e-cigarettes.

No inline skates, roller skates, skateboards, etc.

Inline skates, skateboards and similar items should be held in the hand or carried in a bag. Using these items on a tram or bus is not permitted.

No feet on the seats

We like to keep the trams and buses clean, and that is why we sit on a bench or seat with our feet down.

Dogs on a lead and not on the seats

Dogs can travel on all trams free of charge, and should be on a lead, in the aisle. 

Do not cause any noise nuisance

Listen to your music on a tram or bus via headphones. It will then not disturb the other passengers.