Regional Season Ticket

If you travel often in the Hague-Rotterdam - Zoetermeer - Leiden region, then the Regional Season Ticket (monthly) is the right thing for you. Unlimited travel on buses, trams and metros within an area that you can choose yourself. That means that you can decide on the price. 

The Regional Season Ticket (monthly) is a season ticket that you can load onto a personal OV-chipkaart. An annual season ticket gives you 12 months’ travel for the price of 10 monthly season tickets, so the annual season ticket means cheaper travel for you. A monthly or annual season ticket stops automatically after a month or a year.

Choose your travel area

The Regional Season Ticket (monthly) has a central zone and a ‘star value’. These determine the area you can travel in with the season ticket. Find the zones you want to travel in on the zone map, or look at the route network map. These show the boundaries of the zones at the stops, indicated by a grey dotted line and the zone number.

Select the central zone and the star value

Select a single zone (star value 1) or several zones (central zone + one or more adjacent zones). The central zone is the middle of the area you can travel in. The number of stars shows how many zones you can travel in freely, in any direction outwards from the central zone. The higher the star value, the greater the area you can travel in. 

What does a Regional Season Ticket (monthly) cost?

There are two fares:

  • Full fare (for adults) 
  • Reduced fare, with a 34% discount (for children aged 4 to 18 and for people aged 65 and older). You can only buy season tickets at the reduced fare if on the day of purchase you are from 4 to 18 years old or are aged 65 or older. 

The following table shows the fares for 2020:

How many zones do you need in order to be able to travel from your central zone to all your destinations? The number of zones you need is equal to the number of stars on your season ticket. 







€ 53

€ 530

€ 35

€ 350


€ 87

€ 870

€ 57

€ 570


€ 129

€ 1.290

€ 85

€ 850


€ 171

€ 1.710

€ 113

€ 1.130


€ 213

€ 2.130

€ 141

€ 1.410


€ 257

€ 2.570

€ 169

€ 1.690

Where is a Regional Season Ticket (monthly) valid?

  • In the area in Zuid-Holland that you have selected. 
  • On the trams and buses of HTM, Connexxion, RET, Qbuzz, EBS and Arriva in the province of Zuid-Holland.
  • On the NS route between Gouda and Alphen a/d Rijn

Where can I buy a Monthly Regional Season Ticket?

  • You then pick up your season ticket from the HTM webshop (within 2 months) and load it onto your OV-chipkaart at a loading and pick-up device near to you (address finder and choose ‘Pick up orders’). 
  • From HTM Service Points Take your personal OV-chipkaart with you.
  • Sales and loading machines in RET metro stations.

Where can I buy an Annual Regional Season Ticket?

  • From HTM Service Points
  • From RET (Rotterdam Centraal, Beurs and Zuidplein metro stations and Laan op Zuid 2, Rotterdam) RET charges a counter fee of € 0.50
  • Arriva stores in Gorinchem, Dordrecht, Gouda, Leiden and Alphen a/d Rijn
  • The RET webshop

Ways to pay

You can pay for an annual season ticket in two ways:

  • all at once with your bank card (Dutch or most European cards), cash or credit card at the HTM Service Point. 
  • In 10 instalments. The administration charge for paying in instalments is a one-off sum of €7,50.

If you would like to pay in instalments, take the following with you:

  • A valid proof of identity (passport, driving licence, identity card).
  • A bank card (Dutch or most European cards) showing the account number that you will be using for the direct debits (account with an IBAN code). 

You always pay the first instalment (10% of the price) straight away at the HTM Service Point, either in cash or with a bank card (Dutch or most European cards) (Dutch or most European cards) or a credit card (Visa, Mastercard). The rest of the amount will then be deducted from your account in 9 monthly instalments. 

If you purchased your annual season ticket between the 1st and 15th of the month, the payment date will be the 30th. If you purchased your annual season ticket between the 1st and 15th of the month, the payment date will be the 30th.

How to use it

You always have to check in and out with a Regional Season Ticket (monthly). Checking in is only intended to make sure you are travelling with a valid ticket.

If you are travelling from the area that your Regional Season Ticket (monthly) covers to an area where it is not valid, then when you check out only an amount for the part of the trip that your season ticket did not apply to will be deducted.


You can cancel your monthly or annual regional season ticket at an HTM Service Point. This can be done free of charge up to and including the second day after the season ticket starts. A monthly Regional Season Ticket can then no longer be cancelled. An annual Regional Season Ticket can be stopped more than two days after it starts. You then get the amount for the unused months refunded. except for the last two months, because you have received them free of charge. The administration charge for stopping/cancelling the contract is €5.  


The central zone or star value of your monthly or annual Regional Season Ticket can be changed at an HTM Service Point. This can be done up to and including the second day after the season ticket starts. You can no longer change the season ticket after that. A change to the central zone is free of charge. If your change is to a higher star value, you will have to pay the difference. Changing to a lower star value is not possible.