Customer Service: we’ll be pleased to help you


You can find HTM Service Shops at the following locations:
- OV Service Shop at Den Haag Centraal station
- HTM Service Shop at Den Haag HS (Hollands Spoor) station
- HTM Service Shop at the Zoetermeer Centrum-West stop
- HTM Service Shop at Delft station
Or call us on 0900–486436 (standard telephone charges)
Monday to Friday 07:00 – 22:00
Saturday 08:00 – 22:00
Sunday 09:00 – 22:00        
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Lost and found

Lost something in the bus or tram? There’s no need to phone us. You can see straight away if the item has been found. We will do everything we can to help you get your things back again. 

Click here for Lost and found 

In just three easy steps, you can see if a lost item has been handed in to HTM.  

  1. If the item you lost is one of them, respond directly by clicking the “This item is mine” button.
  2. We will then check that the item is definitely yours by asking a couple of control questions.
  3. After an administration fee of 4 euros is paid, the item can be delivered to any address in the Netherlands. For delivery to foreign addresses, we will charge you the shipping costs.

HTM is not responsible for anything you lose in the bus or tram.

  • If you lost something on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday between 05:00 and 13:00: then you can look below from 18:00 onwards to see if the item has been found.
  • If you lost something on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 13:00 and 01:30: then you can look below from 18:00 onwards on the next working day to see if the item has been found.
  • If you lost something on Friday between 13:00 and 01:30 or at the weekend: then you can look below from 18:00 on Monday evening to see if the item has been found.

If the item you lost has not appeared on this page after three days, then it has unfortunately not been handed in. 


If you travel without a valid ticket, you will be given a fine in almost all cases. The formal penalty charge is €55.00, which includes an HTM 2 hour ticket. With the formal penalty document and the 2 hour ticket, you can then travel for the rest of the trip on HTM tram and bus routes.

Sometimes the inspector will be able to offer you a ‘inspector’s ticket’ instead of the penalty notice. They are not obliged to do this, though. An ‘inspector’s ticket’ costs €42, which you have to pay on the spot in cash. If you buy an inspector’s ticket, you do not have the option of objecting to the fine later. The amount is also not refundable. With an inspector’s ticket, you can travel for a further 2 hours on HTM trams and buses.

If you have forgotten to bring your OV-chipkaart and season ticket, you will still get the formal penalty notice but the inspector may also offer you the chance to present your card later. This will be stated on the formal penalty notice issued to you. If you want to use this option, you must take the penalty notice to an HTM Service Point within 10 days of it being issued. Take the penalty notice with you, along with the personal OV-chipkaart that the season ticket is on, plus valid proof of ID. If you can show that you really did have a valid season ticket at the time the penalty notice was issued, the fine will be dropped. You do pay an administrative charge of €7.50 for this.

The formal penalty notice of €55.00. You must pay the €55 fine component of this within 10 days. This avoids reminders, high costs or a debt collection agency getting involved. There are two ways of paying the full amount:
- directly to the inspector: you can pay cash to the inspector.
- transfer from your bank account:

To bank account number: IBAN NL71INGB0000008830
Bank Identifier Code (BIC): INGBNL2A
Account holder name: HTM surcharge fares account, Koningin Julianaplein 10, 2595 AA The Hague
Description: the number of the penalty notice (shown on the front).

Lodging an objection to a fine
You get a fine if you travel without a valid ticket, for instance. In addition, an inspector is also entitled to issue fines if you are eating, drinking or behaving inappropriately in a tram or bus.

How can you lodge an objection?
The inspector issuing the fine has been appointed and sworn in as a special investigating officer (buitengewoon opsporingsambtenaar, BOA). An inspector always takes account of the facts and the circumstances before a formal penalty notice is issued. There may be a variety of reasons why you disagree with the fine. Registering an objection to it only has any chance of succeeding if:
- you are able to disprove the facts stated in the penalty notice or believe that they are incorrect.
- or if you can demonstrate that relevant circumstances were involved that the inspector did not take into account.

You can lodge an object by sending a letter (maximum of one A4 sheet) stating clear justification of why you disagree with the fine. Send this letter along with any evidence and a copy of the penalty notice to: HTM Bezwaarbehandeling, Postbus 28503, 2502 KM The Hague. The letter plus its attachments must reach us within 10 days of the date on the penalty notice. This will be based on the postmarked date. Note: you still have to pay the fine first. Even if you are lodging an objection.
After we have received your objection, you will get a confirmation from us within 3 weeks. HTM will then respond to your objection as quickly as possible. If your objection is deemed justified, HTM will repay the amount of the fine to your account within 2 weeks.