Our transport


Our trams have been running in The Hague and the region since 1864. They are equipped with the latest technology to enable them to take passengers to their destinations quickly and comfortably. HTM trams are part of the cityscape of The Hague and are recognizable by all the city’s inhabitants and its visitors. 

HTM operates three different type of trams in The Hague and the surrounding municipalities. Most of the trams have floors on street level, so that passengers can get on and off easily.

Over 275,000 passengers a day make use of our 12 tram lines.


HTM buses have been running in the city of The Hague and the local area for more than 90 years. Only buses with floors on street level are used now to take our passengers in safety and comfort to their destination..

HTM has 115 buses running on natural gas and 8 electric buses, in that way contributing to a better environment. 50,000 passengers a day make use of our 10 bus lines.