Avenio (red/grey tram)

Since 2015 HTM has gradually introduced its new Avenio urban trams in The Hague and the region. Nowadays HTM has 70 Avenio trams in service.

The Avenio is a modern tram with a floor on street level which makes them easy accessible for the disabled and people with strollers. These trams are equipped with the latest technical developments and are built in Vienna by Siemens. They are more modern, quieter and also more sustainable. In this way HTM meets the current needs of its passengers.

The Avenios are red and grey in colour and are part of the Randstad Public Transport Network (R-net). The tram stops have been altered because these new urban trams are wider and longer. The tram stops are on street level in line with the floor of the new trams, which has made travelling by public transport in The Hague even more attractive. 

The driver of an Avenio tram is situated in an enclosed drivers cab, which means that they can concentrate fully on driving safely and on time. All trams are equipped with ticket vending machines.

Our Avenio urban trams run on lines 2, 9, 11, 15 and 7.  

All Avenio trams have:

  • A wide street level entrance
  • Bench seats facing in 2 directions
  • 4 wide entrance doors
  • 1 place for wheelchairs, zimmer frames and/or strollers
  • A ticket vending machine
  • If you are travelling in a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, read the information about travelling with a disability.
  • 6 information screens showing the route, the stops and the destination.