Electric bus

HTM has been running an electric bus on busline 28 since December 2018.

It has 24 fixed seats and 7 folding seats. The bus is fitted with a Qstraint, a new system for keeping a wheelchair in place. HTM wants to gain experience with this new type of bus and as a result gradually change its whole fleet to zero-emission buses.

All electric buses have:

  • A wide entry floor on level with the platform
  • 1 place for a (manual) wheelchair, zimmer frame and/or stroller
  • 7 folding seats
  • Special reserved seats for the disabled, elderly people and pregnant women
  • Information screens with route information
  • Automatic stop announcements
  • You can buy a ticket from the driver. Pay by bank card or credit card, including contactless.
  • If you are travelling in wheelchair, read the information about travelling with a disability.