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HTM believes it is important that public transport is accessible to everyone. Most trams and renovated stops make travelling with HTM easy and comfortable also for travellers with prams, large luggage or travellers in wheelchairs or mobility scooters. All of HTM's 100-plus buses are also accessible and have special wheelchair spaces.

Helpful tips!

  • HTM works closely with the Voorall Foundation to provide optimal support to travellers with disabilities.

  • HTM and Stichting Voorall organise special escorted journeys for travellers with disabilities.

  • A foldable scootmobile may travel on buses and trams, provided it is folded and does not exceed 120 cm (length) by 70 cm (width) by 109 cm (height).

  • Check here whether any work is planned on lifts and/or escalators.

  • Click here for an overview of HTM bus stops with a dynamic sign and read-aloud button.

  • Tip: make sure you have a valid ticket before departure. The ticket machine in the tram is not always easily accessible with a wheelchair.

  • Use the blue stop button to indicate that you want to get off at the next stop.

    • When this button is used, the tram driver/bus driver knows that more time is needed to get off and the doors will stay open longer. There are also special buttons for travelling with a wheelchair or pram.

  • Before your trip, check the trip planner for any changes. That way you will be prepared for your trip!