HTM believes that it is important for public transport to be accessible for everyone. Most trams and renewed stops make travelling with HTM easy and comfortable for passengers with a baby buggy or large items of luggage, and for passengers in a wheelchair or mobility scooter. More than 100 HTM buses have a special place for a wheelchair.


Handy tips!

  • Have a look at the instruction films, developed in collaboration with Voorall, which show how passengers with a disability can use RandstadRail trams and R-net trams. 
  • HTM and Voorall organise special accompanied journeys for passengers with a disability. 
  • A folding mobility scooter can be taken on a bus or a tram, as long as it is folded and is not more than 120 cm long, 70 cm wide and 109 cm high
  • Overview of HTM stops with dynamic signs and announcement buttons.
  • Make sure before you leave that you have a valid ticket, because the ticket machines in trams are not always easily accessible from a wheelchair.
  • Check the journey planner before you start your journey to see if there are any changes.