What are the rules for travelling with HTM?

  • When you get on a tram or a bus, you are obliged either to check in immediately with your OV-chipkaart or to purchase a separate ticket. You must also check in if you have a season ticket or are allowed to travel free of charge.
  • Everyone in the Netherlands aged 14 and over must be able to identify themselves at any time. In the case of fare dodging, this identity requirement applies from 12 years old. Passports, identity documents and diving licences are valid proofs of identity.
  • Conditions of carriage and the privacy statement apply to all HTM transport services.

All HTM staff members are entitled to ask you for a valid ticket. HTM inspectors may also ask for your proof of identity and are entitled to issue formal penalty notices.

HTM inspectors wear uniforms and can be recognised by the Controle en Veiligheid and BOA (Special Investigating Officers) logos.

They will show their ID on request, which indicates that they are an inspector in the context of the Wet Personenvervoer (Passenger Transport Act) 2000.

HTM also carries out checks in civilian clothes. In that case the inspector has to show their ID in advance.