Finding your way around Dutch public transport

Arrival in the Netherlands. There are two airports close to The Hague: Amsterdam Airport / Schiphol and Rotterdam The Hague Airport. These two airports have good public transport connections with The Hague.

For the best travel advice to and from the airport, please go to

Amsterdam Airport / Schiphol
Various trains run from the airport that will get you to the Den Haag Centraal and Den Haag HS (Hollands Spoor) stations in less than half an hour. Tickets can be obtained at the airport from the NS Tickets & Service desk at Schiphol Plaza or from the NS ticket machines. These can be recognised by the text on them saying “Traintickets”. More information about travelling from Schiphol by public transport 

Rotterdam The Hague Airport
Bus number 33 goes from Rotterdam The Hague Airport to the Meijersplein stop in Rotterdam. From there you can take a direct Metro connection (Metro line E) to Den Haag Centraal station in less than 35 minutes. Tickets for both the bus and the metro can be obtained from the AKO shop at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. More information about travelling from Rotterdam The Hague Airport by public transport

International train
If you are coming to The Hague from abroad by train, the stations that international train journeys start and end at a Den Haag Centraal and Den Haag HS. For more information go to NS International.