The board of directors consists of:

From left to right (first row): 

Rien Heilbron, Hiske van Mierlo, Wim Kok, Saskia Dwars, Jeroen Groenendijk

From left to right (second row):

Karen Bosch, Gerard Boot, Jaap Bierman, Erik Beenen

Jaap Bierman

Managing Director

Jaap Bierman is the Managing Director of HTM Personenvoer N.V. Together with Gerard Boot he forms the statutory management of HTM. Jaap has been working with HTM since 2014 and has 25 years (international) working experience in the transport and energysector at among others Shell and Nedlloyd. Jaap is a mechanical engineer (TU Delft) and holds an MBA degree of INSEAD.

Gerard Boot

Financial director

Gerard Boot is financial director at HTM Personenvervoer N.V. Together with Jaap Bierman he forms the statutory management of HTM. Gerard has been working with HTM since 2015. Previously he worked as financial director for the Municipality of The Hague and as deputy town clerk. Gerard is also member of the Supervisory board at AEB in Amsterdam.

Wim Kok

Manager Corporate Communications & Public Affairs

Wim Kok is manager Corporate Communications and Public Affairs at HTM Personenvervoer N.V. Wim has been working with HTM since november 2019.

Jeroen Groenendijk

Business secretary

Jeroen Groenendijk is business secretary and head of Management Support at HTM Personenvervoer N.V. 

Karen Bosch

Operations manager

Karen Bosch is Operations Manager at HTM Personenvervoer N.V.  Karen has been working with HTM since March 2016.  


Erik Beenen

Manager Reizigers

Erik Beenen is Manager Reizigers at HTM Personenvervoer N.V.

Saskia Dwars

HR manager

Saskia Dwars is Manager Human Resources at HTM Personenvervoer N.V. Saskia has been working with HTM since January 2019.

Rien Heilbron

Technical manager

Rien Heilbron is Technical manager at HTM Personenvervoer N.V. Rien has been working with HTM since 2016.