• The travel product offers 10 persons aged 4 to 18, under the guidance of two adults aged > 19 years , 1 day travel using HTM’s trams and buses.
  • The travel product is valid after your first check-in till the end of service of that day.
  • The travel product can be used in the year in which it was purchased and also in the following year.
  • The travel product is not an individual product and therefore it be used with both the personalised or anonymous OV-chipkaart.
  • Checking in and out upon entering or exiting the vehicle is obligatory. The entire group checks in or out at the same time.
  • Checking in or out on board HTM’s trams and buses does not mean money will be withdrawn from your OV-chipkaart.
  • In order to check in or out there the balance on your OV-chipkaart should be positive and at least € 0.00.
  • The travel product is not valid on board the HTM Nightbus.
  • The travel product is neither refundable nor exchangeable.
  • This travel product is subject to the General Conditions of Carriage or the urban and regional transport provider. These conditions of carriage can be downloaded.
  • No rights shall be derived from these product terms and conditions.

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